Facing the Giants

One movie clip that I like to show for motivation is a clip from the movie “Facing The Giants”. I typically use this clip to help motivate my business team or sales professionals. This clip is focused around a football coach who is asking his player to “Give me your very best”. The coach knows that by his player giving his very best in practice, most often times, it will lead to him giving his very best in games. And really, isn’t that all we can ask for, is our very best? However, I found myself using it on my 11 year old daughter the other day, which was kind of funny. My daughter had auditions for her school band, and she was extremely nervous and anxious about performing to be graded or judged. What I told her was that all she needed to do was to “Give me your very best”, which when I was saying it, I had to stop and smile. It is amazing how much what we do in business and in sales translates to our personal lives. If we use the same principles and philosophies in our personal lives that we use in our professional lives, how much of a difference will it make in both lives? Always “Give Me Your Very Best” in everything you do!

“Recognize Effort and Reward Success”

-The Sales Leader


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