The End Result

I have to get this off my chest today!  I don’t know what it is but the last few days, I keep getting people coming to me with different types of sequence of events that has been happening, and every time there is not an end to the story.  And the question that I have asked about 49 times in the last 3 days is “What is the end result?”.  I keep getting partial stories/issues/problems with no solution, so I ask again for the love of all that is good: ‘WHAT IS THE END RESULT?”!  Please don’t run through a situation that needs resolution without ideas of some solutions.  This is my version of what Ken Blanchard wrote about in the “One Minute Manager”.  He said that if you did not have a resolution to your problem, then you don’t have a problem at all, all you have is a complaint.  I feel his pain!  If you have not read the book, make sure you do, it is great!

“Recognize Effort, Reward Success”

-The Sales Leader



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