Tough Lessons: Don’t Take Business Personal

One of the toughest lessons I have ever had to learn in business is that business should not be taken personally…for the most part. What I mean is that when someone is upset with you in a business setting or when someone tells you “no” when attempting to sell them something, it is not an attack on your personal character. Prior to figuring this out, every time I would lose a sale or have someone upset with me in business, I would take it personally and base my reaction on my personal feelings, which is completely wrong. When someone tells us “no” as sales professionals, they are not attacking our personal character, and we should not treat it as such. It is not personal, it is business. However, the reason I say: “Well maybe a little” in my title is that when you don’t make a sale, you never want to blame the customer for not making that sale. You want to self-analyze to see where you “personally” may have missed something or dropped the ball. If you don’t see each lost sale as an opportunity to look inside yourself to see where you can improve, you will never reach your full potential. The point is, don’t take lost sales as an attack on your personal character, but do take lost sales to heart. It will give you the opportunity to better yourself.

“Recognize Effort, Reward Success.”

-The Sales Leader


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