Vision of Hope

IMAG0235I went to a fundraiser for a friend this weekend.  The charity is the “Vision of Hope”.  The reason for the fundraiser is that a friend of mine’s mother has developed a very rare illness.  The woman with the illness is 50 years old, I believe.  I hope I am getting all of the details right.  Within the last couple of years she lost her sight within about a week’s time.  She woke up one morning not being able to see as well, and then over a few days, it got progressively worse.  Now, to the point, where she is legally blind.  She has now within the last few months developed cancer that has spread to a couple of different organs, and her prognosis is not real good at this point.  It is now a matter of extending her life rather than trying to save her life, and I am not exactly sure how much time she has left.

The reason for this blog is to share with you how a community has come together to help her and her children.  It is encouraging to see a community come together to help those in need.  In today’s world of war and evil, it is nice to see that humanity exists in so many of us.  There was a bike rally that included about 100 bikers, along with other friends and family.  This was the second fund raiser for this person this year, and both were a huge success.  It is refreshing to see the selflessness that so many people exhibited here.

So, I will say two things that you should take away from this:

1.  Know that there is still good in the world and life really is about people helping people in time of need.

2.  Go home and kiss your loved ones and tell them that you love them, because you never know when something like this could happen to you or someone you love.  Take the time to appreciate what you have and who you are with, life is not forever, so make sure to make the most of today and every day you have on this earth moving forward.

To learn more about Cindy or the Vision of Hope Foundation visit: Cindy’s Vision of Hope Site

-The Sales Leader



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