Making The Sale After The Sale

As sales people, we go out and sell a project, product, or service, hand it over to production or operations, and we are then done with our job, right?  Only if you do not want referral or repeat business!  Much of our long-term success hinges on our ability to continue to sell once the actual sales transaction has been completed.  Many sales people have the misconception that once the sale is made, their job is complete.  When in reality in some sales positions, I can see where sales people may believe that to be the case.  However, it is the work you do after the sale that counts the most.

How customers are handled after the sale has an effect on the reputation of you and your company, your ability to retain customers and your ability to build a referral base.  What you do after the sale can make or break your success rate.  A True “Sales Leader will keep selling after the transaction has taken place.  A true “Sales Leader” will walk or “lead” the customer through the sales process while “holding their hands”.  A true “Sales Leader” will never stop selling a client.  As Ken Blanchard wrote about, create “Raving Fans”, and don’t take your foot off of the gas.  Do whatever it takes to make your customer happy even after they have already said “yes”.  Showing your customer that you care after they have already said “yes”, and after they have given you their money will show them that you are in it for them and not for selfish reasons.  This will give you a customer for life who will refer you time and time again.

-The Sales Leader


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