Burning Bridges

BURNINGHow many of us get good sound advice that we totally ignore, and we end up learning the hard way?  For me, it is the philosophy of not burning bridges.  In the past, I never concerned myself with this particular philosophy.  I live in the Chicagoland area, which has a population of nearly 10 million people, in a country that has over 300,00 million people, and in a world that has more than 7 billion people, so what do I care if I burn a few bridges along the way?  What a mistake!  Burning the bridges that I have has cost me a great deal of money, and more importantly, numerous good relationships.  I have lost potential business partners, clients, referrals, and friends.

You never know what lies ahead of every bridge that you burn.  The bridges that you burn, you may want or need to cross again.  These bridges may be ones that at a later time can lead to substantial professional or personal improvement.  People need people for every phase of life.  We all live and thrive in community, and that cannot be forgotten.  There are very few people who achieved success without the help of others, and you never know who those others may end up being.  The question that I continually ask myself these days and the one that you should be asking yourself right now is: How different would my life be had I not burned the bridges that I did?

-The Sales Leader


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