Burning Bridges Part 2

A couple of days ago I wrote about how important it is to not burn bridges, and I felt the need to do a follow up to that.  We often hear the old saying “Do as I say, not as I do”.  I wanted to let all of you know that I was not going to let that saying describe me!  I met up today with an old friend and colleague (Steve).  I had once burned a bridge with this person.  This person at one time in my life was very important to me from both a personal and professional standpoint.  I learned a great deal in many phases of life from this person.  However, there came a point and time where I had to let this person go from my company.  I still to this day agree with the fact that it got to a point where it was not good for him, me, or my company for him to continue working for me.  But, the way the termination was handled was handled very poorly on my end, and it caused us to terminate our relationship all together and completely cut ties.

I recently started a new business venture, and this business venture is something that Steve would be a perfect fit for.  Steve is the type of person that would be instrumental in my potential growth with this new venture, and it is something that is a perfect fit for him as well, and really something that he has been looking for all of his life.  Due to this new business venture, we agreed to meet today, and the meeting went very well.  We were both able to put the past behind us and we agreed to move forward in this business venture.  I don’t want to get to sappy on you, but at the end of the meeting, we were both happy to have each other back in each other’s lives and, and we even gave each other a hug at the end of the meeting.

It felt very good to get this positive, motivational, influential person back in my life.  Sometimes bridges are able to be re-built, and when that happens, it is wonderful thing.  However, many bridges are burned so badly that they cannot be re-built.  I speak from many experiences when I say, don’t let that happen to you.  I promise you, it is not worth it.

-The Sales Leader


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