Reading is King

The oinformationnly way for us to improve ourselves is by acquiring new information.  Think about that for a minute. The way we have gotten to the place we are today, is by utilizing the information we have had knowledge of to this point.  The problem is, we don’t know… what we don’t know.  Without acquiring new information, or different information than what we have today, we will continue to be stuck where we are.  It is like Einstein’s definition of insanity: “Doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results”.  What information do we have that will get us beyond where are at currently?  The only way for us to improve upon who we are and to get better, is to gain new information.

There are really only two ways for us to get new information, and that is to see or hear something new.  Those are the only two ways for us to gain new information that will help us improve.  The most efficient, cost effective way of gaining new information is by reading.  There is a ton of great information out there that is virtually at your fingertips.  So, why do we not take advantage of that?  Did you know that less than 5% of business owners or sales people read on a regular basis?  Why is that?  The answer is usually pretty simple.  We would rather watch three hours of TV per night.  We would rather spend countless hours playing fantasy football and fantasy baseball.  We would rather hang out with our friends at the local bar.  I could go on and on, but how much are those things helping you to improve?  There are books on CD, or you can listen to books on your iPod in the car, but we would rather listen to music in the car.  How much is Eminem or Maroon 5 or Rascal Flatts helping you to achieve your goals, or to better yourself?  leaders_2013

Start small, start reading just ten minutes per day.  There are many places and many ways to find just ten minutes per day to read.  Once you start getting in the swing of things, you can then increase that to fifteen minutes per day, then twenty, and so on.  You may get up to thirty minutes per day in no time, and that is not a lot of time when you think about how much it will do for you both personally and professionally.

I am giving you the 10 minute challenge.  Start reading 10 minutes per day and see what that does for you and your career!

-The Sales Leader


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