Get Re-charged!

I have an awesome weekend ahead of me!  Being in business and in sales can be very deflating at times.  As business owners, whether it be a vendor, or an employee, or a customer, it seems like someone or something is constantly bringing us down.  As business owners, we spend a great deal of our time dealing with problems or putting out fires.  As sales people, we always have people telling us know.  Other than a hitter in baseball, we are about the only profession in the world where you can fail 70% of the time and still be considered successful.  We hear the word “no” all day long, each and every day.  So, how do we stay positive?  How do we stay energized?  How do we stay focused?072110motivate_t607

Well, for me one of the answers is what lies ahead of me this weekend.  I am going to a LIFE Leadership convention this weekend.  LIFE Leadership is made up of a group of world class people who are building a leadership development group.  The group’s mission is to help people improve themselves in 8 key fundamental categories of life.  Some of the categories they put emphasis on are some that I take to heart very seriously, such as Leadership, Finances and Family.  Now, I get the privilege for the next two plus days to attend a convention surrounded with thousands of people looking to better themselves and get re-charged.  I will be listening to some of the best motivational speakers in the world.  The speakers include successful business owners, best selling authors and people who rank among the top 25 leadership experts in the world.  This is going to be my first time attending a convention put on by this organization, and I am expecting great things.  I have been to similar types of events, such as the Zig Ziglar “Get Motivated” seminars, and if this is anything like those, I will be fired up and ready to go come Monday morning!

The business world is a cold, harsh place.  Everyday someone is trying to beat you down.  Someone is telling you that you can’t do it.  Someone is telling you no.  Someone is telling you that you are not good enough.  Don’t get me wrong, I know we experience positive influence as well, and business is not all bad.  However, it is the negative influence that effects us the most and sticks with us the longest.  All I am saying is that we all NEED positive influence in our lives and to be re-charged.  A motivational convention or seminar is a great way of doing so and I can’t wait to see what this weekend brings!

-The Sales Leader


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