I spent the past 5 days visiting New York City with my family.  We got an opportunity to see a lot of things, and we had a great time!  We were able to spend some time in the heart of Times Square and we saw where the ball drops on New Year’s.  We got to the top of the Empire State Building and the Top of The Rock.  We took a cruise out to the Statue of Liberty and a cruise around Manhattan.  We took a tour of Yankee Stadium, NBC Studios, and the factory of The Cake Boss.  My daughter is a HUGE Cake Boss fan and for her that was the highlight of the trip.  My son loved shopping at Toys R Us in Times Square, which they told us was the largest toy store in the country.  But for my wife and I, it was the 9-11 memorial that we will remember.  13Memorial-Cityroom-blog480

Last year as a family,  we were fortunate enough to visit the Flight 93 memorial in Pennsylvania, and that was breathtaking.  I have also had the opportunity to visit Pearl Harbor, Gettysburg, the Vietnam and Korean memorials, and many Civil War Historical Sites.  The Flight 93 memorial in Pennsylvania and the 9-11 memorial in NYC were the ones that were definitely the hardest hitting for me.  I am sure this to be the case due to the fact that this tragedy happened in my adult lifetime and I am able to remember the events clearly in my mind.  Actually going through the experience, although from a distance makes the visits to the 9-11 sites much more personal, and definitely helps to put things in perspective.

All of us have bad days, and we like to throw ourselves “pity parties” where we get down on ourselves and our situations.  When we really stop to think about how bad our days are, usually they are really not that bad.  When I was standing in NYC this past Friday afternoon looking down at the waterfalls that were once the north and south towers of the World Trade Center, and seeing flowers placed by the names of those who had a birthday that day, what kept running through my mind were the visions of the mass chaos that people were experiencing on that September day in 2001.  I could see it as clear as day, as if it were yesterday.  Then I would take a brief moment to look over at my wife and kids and thank GOD for what I had standing there beside me.  I have had some very trying times in my career lately, but that moment gave me some tremendous perspective that all of us should have.

Tribute in LightSo, the next time that money is a little short, or you got in a fight with your spouse, or you did not get that sale (or maybe even a few sales), or your boss set you off, or the production department screwed up your order, or one of many other things that may upset you on any given day, keep it in perspective.  Today is not 9-11, and is probably not your own personal 9-11.  It is most likely just another tough day inside of a tough life, and things could probably be a lot worse.  Save your “pity parties” and your “downers” for when they are truly deserved.

-The Sales Leader


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