Make It Interesting

funI have to tell you that there is nothing that turns a prospect off more than a boring sales call.  From my experiences of dealing with sales people trying to sell me on something, along with what I hear from customers, a boring sales call has to be the worst.  Make things interesting for you and your prospect.  You may be new in your industry or new at your company, or you may be a wily vet.  Either way, make things exciting.  As a newbie, you may be so concerned with doing things the right way that you forget to inject fun and personality into your sales call.  Or, you may be a wily vet that has just put things on autopilot, and you may be just cruising along in a state of boredom.  Either way, you are in trouble.

If you are new, focus on your energy level and make things new and exciting for you and your prospect.  Don’t get too bogged down by placing too much focus and energy on doing things the right way.  You definitely want to put some emphasis on making sure that you are doing yourself, your company and your product justice by being as much of an expert as you can be.  However, remember that people buy people first and foremost, and they must buy you before they will buy your product or your company.  So, please keep it exciting and interesting!

If you have been doing what you are doing for quite some time and you feel that you have “mastered your skill”, don’t get content and complacent, as that will lead to boredom.  Challenge yourself to stay focused and fresh.  Keep learning new tricks and new skills to help keep you on your toes.  Don’t go cruising through your career, challenge yourself to keep bettering yourself and don’t fall asleep at the wheel.

People buy from people that they like and trust.  People buy from people that are passionate and magnetic.  Make your sales calls interesting and exciting, and make people fall in love with you.  You deserve it, and your customer deserves it!

-The Sales Leader


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