Great Beginnings

How many of you have had surgery or at least some type of relatively invasive medical/dental treatment?  Probably most of us have.  Think about how unnerving or anxious the thought of that can be.  Usually, as we enter that situation, we are greeted with someone who gives us an idea of what we can expect from our surgery/treatment.  That person will tell us exactly what we can expect at each point of the process and who will be doing what.  That person will tell us what will happen first, second, third and so on.  Now, think about how much that puts our minds at ease.  It is always the anticipaBusiness-Agenda-for-PowerPoint-presentations_editable-business-ppt-presentation-content-structure_-business-agenda-graphics-for-PPT-presentation-meetingstion of the unknown that gives us our anxious, nervous feelings.

The same holds true for our clients.  I am sure that you don’t want to hear this, but some prospects don’t want us providing a sales call for them any more than they want a root canal or a colonoscopy.  What this means is that just as our “greeter” before surgery puts our minds at ease, we need to do the same with our prospective clients.  We need to eliminate the anxiety and the unsettling feeling that our prospects may be feeling.  As a Sales Leader, you should be leading your prospects, and one of the keys to leadership is to set the proper expectations.  Give your prospects a real good idea of what to expect from your time together.  Give them a play by play  preview of what will be happening during this time.  Doing this will set you apart from your competition, it will display a great deal of professionalism on your end and most importantly, it will put your prospects at ease and make them feel comfortable.  A comfortable, relaxed prospect is much easier to sell!

-The Sales Leader


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