So What!

SO WHAT!  I would bet that in a heavy majority of all selling situations, a potential customer will be able to say “SO WHAT” to his/her sales person anywhere from about 10 to 20 times on any given sales call.  Now, based on that statement, you could very easily say “SO WHAT” to me right now in this essay.  Well, you know in this situation, you would be right!  So, let me explain.  Any time you say something to a potential customer and they can say “SO WHAT” to you, you have done something wrong.  When they say that to you, they are saying, “so what does that mean to me?”  And most times they probably have a valid point.  Every single time that you provide a prospect with any type of information, you should include exactly what that information means to that prospect specifically.  For example, I am going to list two different ways of saying the same thing to a what guy

1. “We are fully insured.”

What does this mean?  This means absolutely nothing to a prospect stated this way, SO WHAT!

2. “You should be happy to know that you are hiring a company that is fully insured.  What this means is that if anything were to happen during this project, our insurance is there to take care of it.  I am not sure if you know this, but if you hire a company that does not have insurance, and something were to go wrong, you would be responsible for the damages, which I am sure you do not want, is that correct?”

Do you see the difference?  You cannot say “SO WHAT” after the second example.  In the second example, a detailed explanation of the real benefit was provided to the prospect.  Actually, the “So What” idea can really be broken down to feature/benefit selling.  The “So What” test will remind you to give the benefits to each feature, so that you are benefit selling rather than feature selling, which is a much more powerful, effective way to sell!

So, moving forward, make sure to give every statement the “SO WHAT” test!

-The Sales Leader1016792_So-What_jpg0affaeec909fcc8d1e96c1d48ad9126e


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