Correction to Previous Post

I want to respond to a comment that was submitted to me by Leonard.  Leonard caught a statistical error that was made in one of my previous blogs.  I would like to thank Leonard for pointing the error out and I would like to respond to his message:

Leonard, thank you for pointing out my error.  300 children do die per hour from malnutrition, however that is the number of children that die per hour in the world, not just Uganda.  My apologies for the error.  Uganda has about 11 or 12 children die per hour due to malnutrition.  I am not trying to speak negatively about Uganda specifically for any reason, it was just an example of a place where children are dying at a much faster rate from malnutrition in comparison to many other places in the world.  4% of the children dying in the world from malnutrition are dying in Uganda.  However, the population of Uganda is less than 1/2% of the world’s population.  So, the point being that the percentage of children dying from malnutrition is much higher in Uganda than it is in many other countries.

Please know I have nothing at all against Uganda.  It was simply an example of another area of the world that is struggling more than we are in our country, and we should be thankful to live where we do.

Thank you again Leonard, and I apologize to all of you for the error.

-The Sales Leader


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