Who Are You Associating With?

Whpeople around worldo are you associating with?  This is one of the most powerful questions that you can ever ask yourself.  Often times when I see others, or even notice myself having a poor attitude or a poor outlook on things, it is often times attributed to the people who we are associating with.  I don’t say this as a way to blame others for our own negativity or our own misery, however the people who we let affect us in a negative way will definitely have an impact on our attitudes.  We are always responsible for ourselves, our actions and our attitude.  However, part of that responsibility is to surround ourselves with people who have a positive influence on us and who bring out the best in us.

When you think about the times in your life when you have had your greatest struggles, take a look at your circle of influence.  My guess is that your circle of influence during these times did not lend itself to a positive one.  Do not surround yourself or associate with people whose negative attitude, thoughts or actions bring you down.  Associate yourself with people who make you smile, people who make your world a better place.  Many of us have people in our lives who we may love dearly, or who we may have a long standing history with who breathe negativity in our lives on a daily basis.  It may be extremely difficult for us to separate ourselves from these people, but we must.  We have one life to live, and we deserve to live a life feeling good about ourselves, rather than be bogged down by negative influence.  Sadly enough, as I mentioned that may include family or friends, and sometimes we just need to walk away.Positive thinking

I wrote a blog a few weeks back about not burning bridges, and I am not suggesting that you should be burning bridges here.  What I am recommending is that if you have a person or people in your life who are constantly bringing you down and weighing negatively on your mind, simply create separation from those people.  Don’t burn the bridge, but politely separate yourself from those people and their negative impact on you.

Positivity breeds positivity.  Positivity is contagious and it and spreads like wildfire.  How difficult is it to be negative around people who are always encouraging and uplifting?  It is nearly impossible!  Your life, both professionally and personally will be a much better place when you are consistently associating with the right people!

-The Sales Leader


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