How Bad Do You Want It?

LManning Bradyast night I was all excited to watch what should have been one of the best football games of the year.  Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos were taking on Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.  In this game, you have Peyton Manning’s Broncos who are 9-1 for the year and are on pace to shatter just about every offensive statistical record that exists in the NFL, and then you have Tom Brady’s Patriots who going back to Nov 3, 2010 have been 24-1 in the second half of the regular season, and Tom Brady is the only Quarterback in history who has an overall record of more than 100 games above .500.  For all you football novices out there, this means that he is the only Quarterback in NFL history who has won 100 more games than he has lost, which means he and the Patriots are pretty good.  So, you get the point that this is a pretty highly anticipated game for football fans.

So, I start watching the game and the Broncos score 2 quick touchdowns within the first few minutes of the game, and they are up on the Patriots 14-0.  The Patriots are looking terrible.  They cannot stop the Broncos, they cannot move the ball, and it is just a downright ugly game.  The next thing I know, it’s halftime and the Broncos are leading 24-0.  The temperature in Foxboro, MA where the game is being played is around 20 degrees and the winds are gusting at 30 MPH.  You could actually see the referees shirts’ sleeves ruffling in the wind it was so windy on the field.  So, here is my thought process:

1.  The Patriots cannot move the ball at all.

2.  The only way to catch up is by throwing the ball a ton, but the wind was so great that it was nearly impossible to pass during this game.  The Broncos were doing their damage by running the ball, and even they were not passing due to the wind.  There was no way that the Patriots would catch up without passing, and it was just way too windy.

3.  They were playing the Broncos.  So, even if the Patriots could find a way to score some points, they were playing the highest scoring team in the history of the league.  There was no way that they could outscore the highest scoring team ever by 24 points in an entire game, let alone a single half.

4.  Plus I was bored out of my mind watching one of the biggest blowouts, and worst games I had ever seen.  I would rather stab a pen in my eye to relieve the pain of watching this game than continuing to sit in this state of boredom.

Based on my thought process, I went to bed without watching the second half.  By the way, remember this, Motivational Speaker Eric Thomas says in one of his speeches that “sleep is for the broke”, and he would have tore me up for going to bed.  He would have been right on for doing so.  I woke this morning and saw the final score of Patriots 34, Broncos 31.  I could not believe it!  The Patriots had come back against all odds in the cold temps, in the winds, against the highest scoring team in history, against Peyton Manning, and won the game…in overtime at that!!!  I had missed one of the best comebacks in NFL history and probably one of the best games ever played in the NFL, all because I gave up hope on the game.  I am a huge football fan and I love watching football, and I missed one of the best games that I could ever see in my lifetime because I had blinders on and did not think that the impossible was possible, and I was so wrong.

We often have the same problems in our every day life.  We give up hope.  We give up on our dreams.  We think that the possible is iHow badmpossible, when many times, the exact opposite is true.  The Patriots did not give up on the game like I did last night.  Their desire to win and not give up is what makes them one of the best teams in the history of professional sports.  It is that will to win that has taken them to the Superbowl 7 times.  How many times have we given up because we think we can’t win, or it is too tough, or it is impossible?  This happens to many of us on a daily basis.  It is not others that stop us from succeeding, it is our own lack of hope, lack of desire and lack of will.  It is our strength and passion for success that will determine our wins and losses.  We have the ability to determine our own faith if we want it bad enough, the questions is…How bad do we want it?

-The Sales Leader


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