Play To Win

How many 49ers preventtimes do you hear in sports that you should be “playing to win” rather than “playing not to lose”.  What is the real meaning of that?  This means take matters into your own hands, act aggressively and with a sense of urgency.  Do not sit around and wait for others to make things happen.  Make things happen on your own, and do it with attitude.  If you ever watch football, you see teams playing the prevent defense.  This is when a team gets ahead in a game and they go into a prevent defense to try and slow the other team down offensively, and they play this defensive cautiously and non-aggressively.  Well, the old saying about the prevent defense is, “all the prevent defense does is prevent you from winning”.  The problem is that with the prevent defense you lose your sense of urgency, you lose your focus, and you lose your swagger.  You are so concerned with not losing that you forget how to win.

I see so many people in business and in sales “playing not to lose” rather than “playing to win”.  They are so afraid of making a wrong move or losing a sale that they get overly cautious, and they lose their drive.  This is not a way to conduct yourself in business or in sales.  The winners, the real winners take chances and they act with a sense of urgency.  Winners do not sit around waiting for things to happen.  Winners make things happen.  Winners do not take excuses, nor do they make excuses.  Winners take responsibility for themselves and their actions, and they will not listen to, nor will they make excuses.  They just simply make things happen.  Make happen

Challenge yourself today to start taking things into your own hands and stop letting others determine your results.

-The Sales Leader


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