Supplement Your Weaknesses

Hiring 1When it comes to hiring, more often than not, hiring managers look for people similar to themselves.  They look for people with similar personality traits, similar qualities, similar strengths and similar beliefs.  While yes, as a hiring manager you do want to hire people who share the same ethic and moral standards and beliefs as you.  However, that should really be about the extent of the similarities.  This is a mistake that many hiring managers make.  Whether it is a conscious decision or a subconscious one, often times, hiring managers find talent who matches their own talents to a tee.  There is a very defined psychological reason for this happening.  People like people who are most like themselves.  It is as simple as that.  People hit it off and get along with people who are most like themselves.  So, in an interview setting, the people whose personality, skill sets, etc. closest match that of the interviewer are most often times the ones hired.  When in fact, the exact opposite should be the case.

Every person, including hiring managers have strengths, and they have weaknesses.  All hiring managers make decisions based on a certain perspective, their perspectives.  When you hire people that match your strengths, match your weaknesses and match your perspective, you do not fulfill your needs like you should, and your weaknesses are not supplemented.  When hiring, look for people who have strengths that match your weaknesses, and look for people who may be able to see things from a different perspective than you.  There is no need to fulfill your strengths, you have those strengths inside of  yourself.  You need to fulfill your weaknesses, and yes everyone has them!

Let me give you an example.  Let’s say that you head up a sales department and you are looking to hire a new sales manager to assist you in managing your sales force.  Let’s assume that motivation is one of your strengths, and let’s say that following a process is one of your weaknesses.  When interviewing, you would most likely hit it off great with a motivational type of sales manager, and you would probably want to hire that person because you hit it off so well.  However, you do not need that skill set, you have it in yourself.  However, you then interview someone who is not the greatest of motivators, but he can implement a sales process like nobody’s business.  You may not hit it off as well, but this person has a strength that fulfills one of your weaknesses.  Which person do you think would help your sales team the most?  It would be the one with the sales process as their strength, because you now add a strength to your team that you did not have previously.  hiring 2

This type of hiring takes making a change on a conscious effort.  It is easy to hire people who are similar to you because you will “like” those people better.  However, it is the hiring managers who can discover their weaknesses, and hire to supplement such that will achieve higher levels of success.

-The Sales Leader


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