MLK, Jr.…A True Difference Maker

Today MLK Jris January 20, 2014 and it is a day that we celebrate the life, and the legend of the “GREAT” Martin Luther King, Jr., who really was A True Difference Maker.  What defines a “Difference Maker”?  To me, it is very simple, you look at the key word in the phrase, “Difference”, which comes from the word, “Different”.  To be a “Difference Maker”, you must be “Different”.  The problem that most of us have with being “Different”  is that we do not want to stand out, and we do not want to go against what we believe to be the norm.  One of the most powerful elements of influence in the world today is the Element of Conformity.  As human beings, we want to conform to what is “standard beliefs” or to what is considered to be “socially acceptable”.   MLK Jr. did not give in to this Element of Conformity, as none of the great ones do.

To be great in this world, you must stand out and be different.  You must be swimming upstream when the vast majority is swimming downstream.  When you conform because you want to be like everyone else, and because you fear that you will be viewed as an outcast, where is the greatness in that?  What if MLK, Jr. did not follow his belief system because he was afraid what others would think?  What if Nelson Mandela and Ghandi gave in to social conformity?  What if Abraham Lincoln did not fight for what he believed in?  Where would our country and this world be today?Lincoln Quote

If you asked most people, they would not be content with where they are today, but they do not have the strength and the courage to do anything about it.  Being different and standing out from the rest takes a great deal of courage, strength, persistence and perseverance.  When you go against what the rest of the “normal” world thinks, you will be condemned and ridiculed, you will be laughed at and persecuted.  You will get this type of reaction from 95% of the world.  Now, let me ask you this, how many of these people do you think have achieved greatness?  The answer is, very few.  The other 5% of people will stand behind you and they will support you, and those my friends are the great ones!

Thank you to Martin Luther King Jr., and all the other “GREAT” ones who never gave up on their dreams.  It is people like you who have taught me that all things are possible, that I can do anything, and I should never give up on my dreams!

-The Sales Leader


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