Just Ask

I hajust ask1ve a question for all of you that I get asked often times myself by many sales professionals.  What is the best way to sell a prospect?  Many people have many different suggestions on what they think is the best way to accomplish this difficult task.  The good news is that there is someone who can answer this question for you.  The bad news is that I cannot answer this question for you, nor can most people in the world.  There is only one person out there who can answer this question for you, and that is your prospect.  All you need to do is just ask them.  They will tell you.

I don’t mean to sound harsh, but if you can remember these 4 words and implement them on each and every sales call, your success rate will skyrocket.  The 4 words are: SHUT UP AND LISTEN!  As sales professionals, we should be asking a ton of questions and listening intently to the responses.  If we ask the right questions, we will get all of the answers, and all of the ammunition we need to sell our prospects.  When in selling situations, we often times get too caught up in presenting and closing, and we don’t spend enough time asking questions and listening.  Our prospects are dying to tell us how to sell them.  But we are too busy talking to give them the opportunity.  Prospects want to buy, and they want to tell us how they need to be sold.  All we need to do is listen to what they are telling us.  In many cases, it really is this simple.  The next time you are with a prospect and you are racking your brain trying to figure out how to sell them, stop trying to figure it out, and just ask!

-The Sales Leader

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