The Harsh Reality Is…

The Harsh Reality Is… As salesreality check people, each and every time we lose a sale, it is always our fault!  No, you do not need to have your eyes checked, and yes, you are reading this right.  It is always our fault, and we should never blame our prospects or our customers for lost sales.  I know that this is something that none of us want to hear, and that most of us don’t want to believe, but we must believe it for a couple of different reasons.

First of all, we need to believe this philosophy because it is true.  The majority of the time that we lose sales is due to something we did.  Maybe we were not a chameleon on the sales call and the prospect did not like us.  Maybe we wore an outfit that the prospect was not fond of.  Maybe we did not ask the right questions.  Maybe we missed a key element in our presentation.  Maybe we did not close hard enough.  Maybe we closed too hard.  Maybe we had a piece of broccoli stuck on our teeth from lunch.  Actually, who am I kidding, we are sales people, it was more likely the Big Mac smell left in our mouth that was offensive rather than a piece of broccoli sticking out of our teeth!  LOL.  The point is, there could be any number of reasons why we lost the sale, and that we could have controlled had we done something differently.  We are not perfect, and we make mistakes.  But in order for us to improve as sales people, we must learn from the mistakes.  If we can analyze each sales call and we can find something that we can control that could have possibly changed the outcome, then we have something to learn from and work on.  Then maybe, just maybe we won’t lose another one for the same reasonControl11.

The other reason that we need to believe that lost sales are always our fault is because we need to be in control, rather than giving control to our prospects.  If we can say that it was our fault that we lost the sale, the outcome of the sale ultimately remains within our control.  If we blame the prospect for the sale being lost, we are putting the control in the prospects’ hands, and that is something that we should never do.  If we place the blame on ourselves, we will always feel as if we are in control of each and every sales call and we will feel empowered as we know that we can always control the outcome!

-The Sales Leader

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