Make Them LOVE YOU!

Love picBe on time, have a great ice breaker, ask a lot of questions, do a killer presentation, close, pre-close, close again, always be closing, tell them what you are going to tell them, tell them, tell them what you told them, and the list goes on and on and on regarding all the things that we have to concentrate on to make just one sale.  While yes, all these things are vital to the sale, and they all need to happen, often times we seem to forget the key ingredient.  None of this matters at all unless they LOVE YOU!

Make them LOVE YOU!  People (well most people) are not robots, and they do not buy without emotion.  As prospects and as customers, we all have emotions.  We laugh, we cry, we get happy, we get angry, and yes even us men “feel”.  Most sales are driven by emotion.  People do not want to do business with people who they like.  People want to do business with people they LOVE!  So again, make them LOVE YOU!  FacesOK, I must confess…I watch American Idol.  For that, I must steal a line from Larry the Cable Guy, and say “Please forgive me Lord”!  Anyway, sometimes the judges on Idol will tell the contestants that they are thinking too much, and although the song they sang was technically flawless, they need to concentrate on connecting with the audience.  That is what I am saying here.  Connect with your audience.  Just like the singer, we must be technically sound as well and deliver a technically tremendous presentation, however, we cannot be so focused on the technical aspect of things that we lose focus of the connectivity that we must have with our prospects.

Make them LOVE YOU!  All of you have it within you, just make sure your prospect is seeing it too!

-The Sales Leader

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