How Well Do You Handle The Curve?

“Thepitcher batter pitcher winds up, here’s the pitch…and it’s another curve ball”!  Welcome to my life!  Welcome to many of our lives!  How many of us end up in situations just as we have planned?  How many times does the “pitcher of life” throw us a fast ball right down the middle that we can knock out of the park?  For many of us, the fast ball right down the middle does not come very often, and it is the curve ball that we are often faced with.  So, the question here is, “how well do you handle the curve” in the game of life?

Life is a very difficult game to play.  Life is unfair, life is often times unforgiving and lets’ face it, life can be downright hard and mean.  Life will throw you curve ball after curve ball after curve ball.  In many cases, how we handle the curve will determine who we are and what we achieve.  When a curve comes your way, are you the type of person who will bail out of the batter’s box in fear, or are you the type who welcomes the challenge?  Because really what it boils down to is that when life throws one of its nasty curve balls our way, we can either let it beat us, or we make it our decision to beat it.

Whether it be a personal situation or a professional situation, we are all faced with negativity.  In life we may experience a job loss, the death of a loved one, a financial hardship, a natural disaster causing us to lose our homes, or any one of life’s many other curves that may come our way.  The key to mental and emotional survival is to not let life beat us, but for us to beat it.  In the past three weeks, I have experienced the death of my father, a trip to the ER myself to get my heart zapped back into rhythm, dealing with the parting of one of my businesses, and I have a frivolous law suit being dropped in my lap.  To quote Larry The Cable Guy, “I don’t care who you are”, that is a ton for anyone to deal with.

kicking assBut, for those of you who have seen the movie “8 Mile”, I am sure you remember the rap battles at the end.  Eminem was rapping about all the ways that life had just been kicking his ass and he said “and I am still standing here saying F*** the Free World”!  That is me at this point.  I am not going to let this time in my life kick my ass, I am going to kick it’s ass!  The last few weeks has been one bad ass breaking ball, but I am not backing out of the batter’s box, and I am going to crush this pitch!  I know first hand that life can be very brutal, and that life can get you down.  But, when it does, show life how tough you are, and just crush it, because we all have it within us!

-The Sales Leader

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